Best AI-based Lead Scoring Software for Improving Conversion Rates

To grow your business with less effort, you should engage only with the most relevant, conversion-worthy leads. Picking them individually, though, from a pool of random leads isn’t an easy feat. That’s where AI-based lead-scoring software excels. These predictive lead-scoring tools effectively pick up quality leads.

This article shares the best AI-based lead-scoring software available for businesses today. These will complement your marketing and sales efforts and boost your conversion rates.

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9 Best AI-based Lead Scoring Software

AI-based Lead Scoring Software

1. Salesforce

Salesforce has an intelligent lead-scoring system designed to streamline the sales process. It’s based on its Einstein AI assistant, which identifies the most promising leads and increases the chance of converting them into customers.

Salesforce Einstein ranks your leads based on their similarity to past successful conversions. Thus, you can focus on the ones with a higher likelihood of conversion. And it regularly updates this predictive lead scoring framework to adapt and offer more accurate lead conversions.

Pricing: Einstein AI available as an add-on ($75 per user per month) for Enterprise ($165 per user per month) and Unlimited ($330 per user per month) plans

2. allows you to combine demographic and behavioral signals to build a list of ideal prospects. The lead scoring operates by tracking website visitors’ activity. And you can define your own criteria to create a lead scoring model that works best for you.

Its system is enhanced by third-party data provider Bombora, which monitors prospects’ digital journeys. It includes invaluable data such as frequency of visits and specific pages viewed. And Apollo enables you to reach out to potential customers at the most opportune moment.

Pricing: Lead scoring included with all plans: Free, Basic ($9 per user per month), and Professional ($19 per user per month)

3. Freshsales

Freshsales by Freshworks employs a lead scoring model ranking leads based on engagement indicators such as email interactions and website visits. It allows you to tailor the lead scoring criteria to your unique requirements, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your sales strategy.

Plus, the lead scoring tool is dynamic; it evolves with each interaction. Such ever-changing updates mean your representatives have the latest assessment of a lead’s potential.

Freshsales also evaluates existing contacts, allowing you to engage and retain them.

Pricing: Lead scoring included with Pro ($39 per user per month) and Enterprise ($59 per user per month) plans

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4. Forwrd

Forwrd is another cutting-edge predictive scoring software for businesses to prioritise sales-ready prospects. It analyses various factors linked to your objectives to build a scoring model tailored to your go-to-market strategies.

Its self-learning scoring models continuously evolve and identify new conversion-impacting factors to gain deeper insights. This way, the scoring remains ultra-accurate and up-to-date.

It even helps you predict and prevent customer churn by understanding churn drivers.

Pricing: Lead scoring included with Growth ($899 per year) and Pro ($1599 per year) plans

5. 6sense

6sense has Revenue AI making it one of the best predictive lead-scoring software. It’s a lead generation and conversion tool that knows what ticks your customers. It pinpoints the accounts that matter most, eliminating the costs of missed opportunities and mistimed deals.

It helps you understand B2B buyer’s behaviour. 6sense interprets the so-called “breadcrumb trails” left by buyers researching anonymously. It cuts through obscurity, offering world-class intent data and accurate predictions of buying fit.

Pricing: Revenue AI available with personalised Enterprise plan

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6. HubSpot

HubSpot Sales Hub has predictive lead scoring software that helps you prioritise leads using data from the entire buyer experience. It’s a comprehensive suite of marketing and sales tools that uses thousands of data points to qualify leads.

This AI-based lead-scoring software allows you to use custom scoring systems, allowing the software to grow and evolve with you. It gradually becomes smarter, automating repetitive tasks, and enabling sales teams to focus their efforts where they matter most.

Pricing: Lead scoring included with Sales Hub Enterprise ($150 per user per month) plan

7. Zoho

Zoho SalesIQ suite evaluates and prioritises leads based on their campaign engagement. This engagement can either be with email campaigns, website behaviours, profile updates, or any other activity. You can set a priority score for each activity.

Based on your preferred mechanism, Zoho provides insights about leads’ position within the sales funnel. Moreover, Zoho offers score editing and the ability to enable or disable scoring. It gives you a certain level of manual control over the process when needed.

Pricing: Lead scoring included with Basic ($7 per user per month), Professional ($12.75 per user per month) and Enterprise ($20 per user per month) plans

8. Drift

Drift, although without specific lead-scoring tools, is one of the best lead-scoring software out there. It leverages AI via chatbots to engage potential leads and qualify them.

AI chatbots deliver tailored messages to site visitors based on various engagement factors. This personalisation helps nurture leads effectively and efficiently, making Drift one of the best lead-generation tools. It helps you capture revenue from a new lead channel (i.e., chatbots).

Pricing: AI-powered chatbots available with personalised Enterprise plan

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9. Marketo Engage

Marketo Engage by Adobe has a scoring system that prioritises leads using a combination of demographic, behavioural and engagement data. You can set your business objectives and buyer personas to define scoring criteria, and Marketo takes care of the qualification process.

Combined with personalised lead nurturing, Marketo can drive significant revenue growth. It also allows you to review and refine the criteria needed to adapt to changing market dynamics and business goals.

Pricing: Lead scoring available with personalised Prime and Ultimate plans


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Now that you have a list of the top AI-based lead-scoring software, it’s time you start optimising your sales funnel. These predictive lead-scoring tools analyse various factors to help you find sales-ready prospects. And they evolve with each interaction to bring out better prospects.

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