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How We Increased Facebook ROAS to 70

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Alpha Ayurveda is one among the top Ayurvedic supplement stores in India with ten thousands of satisfied customers. Supplements such as Staamigen Malt and Sakhi Tone are considered their flagship products and on Aug 13, 2021.


Blusteak came up with a plan to boost Alpha Ayurveda’s sales on Independence Day.

Video Explanation


The plan was to run an Ad from 12:00 am Aug 15, 2021 – 11:59 pm Aug 15, 2021on Facebook with creatives specially created for Independence Day

  • The Ad budget was Rs.500
  • Prices were cut from Rs.630 to Rs.499
  • Ads were targeted to Alpha Ayurveda’s website visitors, the video ad viewers of previous campaigns, and followers.

How We Increased Facebook ROAS to 70How We Increased Facebook ROAS to 70


  • Spend Rs.500, Return of Rs. 36,447
  • Store conversion rate increased from 4% – 8.41%

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