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Generated ROAS above 12 for a D2C Brand in just 3 days

Recently, Blusteak launched campaigns for our profound client, Alpha Ayurveda and were able to bring some extraordinary results. We reached a ROAS of 12.35 in just 3 days of launching our campaign. Let’s dive deeper into understanding the brand challenges, the steps taken and finally, the results drawn.


About the brand 

Alpha Ayurveda is one of India’s top Ayurvedic supplement stores, with over twenty thousand satisfied customers. It believes in making the world a healthier place by using the formula Ayurveda. The brand offers various Ayurvedic supplements made through natural processes and pure ingredients.

Alpha Ayurveda is a part of Ayurveda Ayurveda Hospital that has over 40 years of experience in treating patients with the ideologies of Ayurveda. Staamigen Malt and Sakhi Tone are their best selling products on marketplaces like Amazon.


Brand concern 

On the occasion of Eid, we wanted to market our sale offers to maximum people. Since most companies launch their offers in the same duration, it becomes challenging for businesses to make their product stand out. Our team tried various types of campaigns for our client to get such excellent results. 


The Ultimate solution 

We wanted to market two of Alpha Ayurveda’s most famous products, Stamigen Malt (for males) and Sakhi Tone (for females). To make the offer successful, we launched various campaigns like-

1. Broad interest targeting 

We launched FB and IG feed ads and Story and Reel Ads through broad interest targeting, where we rely on Meta (Facebook) delivery system to find our potential buyers. Doing this helped reach an audience base we didn’t even know existed. Through basic targeting parameters, we could reach so many of our potential buyers. 


2. Using Existing customer data for running Retargeting campaign

Most of the people who visit your website for the first time don’t buy the product, so unless you keep track of them, they are forever lost. Since Alpha Ayurveda has a good flow of regular customers, retargeting ads work excellently. We used retargeting campaigns to market our Eid offers and bring back our lost buyers. A combination of retargeting ads with other advertising can help you at least 50% more stuff. And we did that too with Alpha Ayurveda products. 


3. Creating Lookalike of existing customers

A lookalike audience works well when you know what type of customer usually prefers your product. We also created a feature set for our lookalike audience and marketed our product to them. Even in just a span of 3 days, we were able to bring significant traffic to your offer and make good sales through lookalike customers. 


4. There were two sets of creatives

We used the power of A/B testing on two of our creations for Alpha Ayurveda. Our team marketed two creatives, one for Shakitone and another for Stamigen. The results drawn from them were exceptional. We could see people purchasing the product through our on-part, clear marketing creative. 

Generated ROAS above 12 for a D2C Brand in just 3 daysGenerated ROAS above 12 for a D2C Brand in just 3 days

The Final Result 

Our result finally paid off. 

Within mere 3 days of our Eid offer, we were able to bring Rs. 65621 sales, achieving a ROAD of 12.35. Our ad got 123744 impressions and 1338 clicks. Fun fact, we only spent an amount of Rs. 5314 for this ad campaign. 

Our Blusteak team dug deep into numbers and experimented with ads to finally give our clients a double-digit ROAS.

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