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Driving Instagram Engagement and Organic Conversions for Ayur Alpha

Client Overview:

Ayur Alpha is a renowned player in the Ayurvedic supplement market, committed to blending traditional Ayurvedic wisdom with modern sustainable processes. As part of Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital, Ayur Alpha offers a range of products addressing various health concerns, including weight gain, hair fall, and digestive issues. With a strong reputation built on over five decades of Ayurvedic expertise, Ayur Alpha’s best-selling products include Staamigen Malt and Sakhi Tone.


The Challenge:

Ayur Alpha sought to increase engagement on their Instagram platform to enhance brand visibility and drive organic conversions. As a leading player in the competitive Ayurvedic supplement market, it was essential to establish a strong presence on social media and foster meaningful connections with their target audience.


The Solution:

To address the challenge of low Instagram engagement and drive organic conversions, we devised a strategic solution centered around leveraging lead magnets to provide value to potential customers and promote engagement. Key elements of our solution included:

Lead Magnet Development:

  1. We created a valuable lead magnet tailored to Ayur Alpha’s target audience of individuals seeking weight gain solutions. The lead magnet, a “Calorie Chart of Easily Available Foods,” aimed to educate and empower individuals on the importance of maintaining calorie intake for effective weight gain.

Awareness Video Campaign:

  1. We launched an awareness video campaign highlighting the significance of consuming foods with specific calorie content for weight gain. The video concluded with a call-to-action prompting viewers to comment to receive the calorie chart, thus initiating engagement and lead generation.

Integration with ManyChat:

  1. To streamline the lead generation process, we automated the distribution of the calorie chart using ManyChat. Upon commenting on the video, users received the calorie chart directly through ManyChat, ensuring a seamless user experience and facilitating lead capture.

Incorporation of Social Proofs and Brand Messaging:

  1. We strategically incorporated social proofs, messages from the founder, and product placement within the lead magnet to reinforce Ayur Alpha’s credibility and position their products as solutions to aid in the weight gain journey of their audience.

Tracking and Analysis:

  1. To measure the campaign’s effectiveness, we implemented UTM parameters and tracked direct conversions through product landing pages. This enabled us to assess the campaign’s impact on organic conversions and optimize future strategies accordingly.


Results Achieved:

The implementation of our strategic solution yielded significant results for Ayur Alpha:

  • Instagram Engagement: The campaign garnered substantial engagement, with metrics including 164k video plays and over 3.5k engagements, indicating strong audience interaction and interest.
  • Organic Conversions: The lead magnet effectively generated organic conversions, with 2000 followers gained from a single content piece. Furthermore, direct conversions through product landing pages validated the campaign’s success in driving tangible results.

Driving Instagram Engagement and Organic Conversions for Ayur Alpha

Driving Instagram Engagement and Organic Conversions for Ayur Alpha


Through targeted lead magnet campaigns and strategic content distribution, we successfully elevated Ayur Alpha’s Instagram engagement and facilitated organic conversions. By providing valuable resources to their target audience and leveraging automation for seamless lead capture, Ayur Alpha strengthened its brand presence and established meaningful connections with potential customers. As we continue to refine our digital marketing strategies, we remain committed to driving sustainable growth and success for Ayur Alpha in the competitive Ayurvedic supplement market

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