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Driving Engagement through Giveaway Contest for a PVC Brand

Client Overview:

Kelachandra Pipe and Fittings, a prominent player in the manufacturing of PVC pipes and fittings, has been a pioneer of industrial innovation in Kerala for over three decades. Renowned for their superior quality products manufactured in state-of-the-art plants, Kelachandra is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company. Their product range includes PVC pipes widely used for potable water conduits, as well as solutions for well recharging, high-pressure piping, plumbing, and water storage.


The Challenge:

With 50 years under its belt, Kelachandra Pipe and Fittings, a big name in Kerala, wanted more people to know about them. So, they planned to use digital marketing, especially a giveaway contest, to get their brand out there and engage with their customers better.



Strategic Promotion:

Kelachandra, the leading pipe and fitting manufacturing company in Kerala, prominently showcases its products and shopper boards in front of plumbing, electrical, and sanitary ware shops, as well as homes throughout the region. The campaign aimed to capitalize on the brand’s popularity by encouraging people to snap pictures of Kelachandra products and send them via direct message to the company’s social media. These pictures were then posted, with participants tagged, and the winner was determined by the post with the most likes. This successful campaign reached 1.2 million people and attracted 46 participants..

Results Achieved:

The implementation of our strategies yielded impressive results, driving significant engagement and brand awareness for Kelachandra Pipe and Fittings:

  • Audience Reach: 953,488
  • High Engagement Video: One of the contest videos achieved a remarkable milestone of 1 million views, showcasing the campaign’s effectiveness in capturing audience attention.
  • Facebook Page Growth: The company’s Facebook page experienced a substantial increase, garnering 10,000 new likes within two weeks



By strategically implementing a giveaway contest and optimizing the participation process, we successfully enhanced brand visibility and engagement for Kelachandra Pipe and Fittings. The campaign not only attracted a wide audience but also facilitated meaningful interactions with potential customers. As we continue to refine our digital marketing strategies, we remain committed to driving tangible results and fostering brand growth for our clients.

Driving Engagement through Giveaway Contest for a PVC Brand Driving Engagement through Giveaway Contest for a PVC Brand

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