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Breaking Biases: Empowering Women in Finance

Client Overview:

Our client, a leading financial services firm in India, provides a wide range of investment and trading solutions, including equity trading, mutual funds, portfolio management services (PMS), wealth management, research and advisory services, and insurance products. Known for their personalized approach, Geojit Financial Services prioritizes client needs and offers tailored investment strategies to meet their financial goals.


The Challenge:

In a society where biases against women in finance persist, our client aimed to challenge these stereotypes and empower women to take control of their financial futures. The goal was to address the misconception that women are not fit to handle finance effectively, fostering inclusivity and promoting gender equality in the financial sector.


The Solution:

To address the challenge of bias against women in finance, our team conceptualized a social media campaign centered around Women’s Day. The campaign aimed to shed light on the biases surrounding women in finance and showcase real-life stories of women breaking these misconceptions. Key elements of our solution included:

Content Creation:

  1. We produced a series of videos featuring real women sharing their experiences of navigating the financial world and challenging stereotypes. These videos aimed to inspire and empower other women to take charge of their financial decisions.

Strategic Distribution:

  1. Leveraging Women’s Day as a platform, we strategically distributed the videos across social media channels to maximize reach and engagement. Each video was tailored to resonate with the target audience and spark meaningful conversations around gender bias in finance. 

Timely Execution:

  1. Despite tight deadlines, our dedicated team worked diligently to ensure the campaign’s timely execution. We delivered all videos promptly, meeting the client’s expectations and ensuring the campaign’s success.


Results Achieved:

The Women’s Day campaign exceeded expectations, achieving remarkable results within a short time frame:

  • Impressive Engagement: The most successful video reached over 100k views, while the entire campaign garnered a total of 1,36,117 views and 937 engagements. These metrics reflect the campaign’s effectiveness in capturing audience attention and sparking meaningful conversations.
  • Widespread Reach: The campaign reached a wide audience, with a total reach of 1,54,533, amplifying the message of gender equality in finance and challenging stereotypes surrounding women’s financial capabilities.

Empowering Women in Finance



Through strategic content creation and timely execution, our campaign successfully challenged biases against women in finance and empowered women to take control of their financial lives. By amplifying real-life stories and sparking conversations, we contributed to fostering inclusivity and promoting gender equality in the financial sector. As we continue to advocate for diversity and empowerment, we remain committed to driving positive change and breaking barriers in the world of finance

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