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Amplifying Brand Awareness and Engagement for Brillar through IPL-Themed Social Media Marketing

Client Background

Brillar, a retail brand under ABAD, specializes in frozen food products, offering a variety of Ready To Fry, Ready To Cook, and Heat & Eat options. With a focus on enhancing culinary experiences, Brillar is committed to delivering high-quality, delicious frozen foods to its customers.

Industry: Frozen Food

Service Focus: Social Media Marketing


Campaign Objective

– Increase brand awareness among the target audience.

– Generate excitement and interest around the Brillar brand.

– Drive social media engagement.

– Gain followers on Brillar’s Instagram handle.


The Solution

We devised and launched the “Brillar Watch Party” campaign on Instagram, leveraging the excitement surrounding the IPL (Indian Premier League) finals. The campaign aimed to create buzz and foster community engagement.

Target Audience: Young adults and families in Kerala who are IPL cricket enthusiasts.

Campaign Message: Celebrate the IPL finals with a Brillar Watch Party, enjoying delicious Brillar snacks in a chic property in Kochi with friends.


Campaign Execution

1. Engaging Video Content:

Produced three short videos showcasing Brillar products in a stylish property, highlighting a chef preparing snacks like nuggets and spring rolls.

   – Videos depicted a group of friends enjoying these snacks while watching an IPL match.

   – [Video 1]


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Brillar (

   – [Video 2]

   – [Video 3]


2. Interactive Call to Action:

Encouraged Instagram users to participate by tagging five friends in the comments, following Brillar’s Instagram account, and commenting with friends’ usernames.

– Followed up with participants in the comments to boost engagement and campaign results.


Campaign Results

The “Brillar Watch Party” campaign significantly boosted engagement and brand visibility on Instagram. Key metrics included:

– Total Participants: 102

– Total Views: 983,194

– Reach: 658,566

– Total Shares: 349

– Total Likes: 22,724

– Total Comments: 248

– Saves: 48

These metrics indicate a successful campaign, with a substantial increase in brand awareness and social media engagement. The interactive nature of the contest and the appealing video content were pivotal in attracting and engaging the target audience.



The “Brillar Watch Party” campaign effectively utilized the IPL finals’ excitement to enhance Brillar’s brand presence and engage with a broader audience on social media. By creating engaging content and fostering interaction through a well-executed contest, we achieved our objectives of increasing brand awareness, generating interest, and driving social media engagement. This case study demonstrates the power of targeted social media marketing in the frozen food industry.

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