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Zero to 2000 followers: Building a Community from Scratch through Reel Series

Client Overview:

Our client, be_u4ic, is dedicated to creating a robust community of individuals employed in corporate offices within tier 1 cities, specifically targeting the age group of 21-35.


The primary challenge was to expand the client’s Instagram presence strategically, focusing on acquiring followers exclusively from the defined target market. The client emphasized the need for a precise and engaged audience within the corporate sector.

Strategy Implemented:

To achieve the client’s goal of increasing followers within the specified demographic, we devised a unique and engaging content series:

Fake Podcast Series – “PHD Srivalsan’s Corporate Chronicles”:

We conceptualized and executed a fictional podcast series featuring the character PHD Srivalsan, a quirky corporate trainer. This character provided humorous yet insightful advice tailored to the challenges faced by individuals working in corporate environments. The goal was to resonate with the target audience by addressing common workplace scenarios in a lighthearted and relatable manner.


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Results Achieved:

The implementation of the fake podcast series yielded exceptional results, demonstrating the effectiveness of the strategy:

  • Follower Growth: Successfully gained 2000 followers from a single content, showcasing the resonance of the content with the target audience.
  • Engagement Metrics:
    • Plays: 283,030
    • Likes: 6,003
    • Saves: 318
    • Shares: 759

Zero to 2000 followers: Building a Community from Scratch through Reel Series Zero to 2000 followers: Building a Community from Scratch through Reel Series


The success of the fake podcast series underscores the importance of creative and targeted content in digital marketing. By combining humor and relatability, we not only met the client’s objective of acquiring followers but also generated significant engagement within the defined demographic. This case study highlights the effectiveness of tailored content strategies in building a community that goes beyond mere numbers, fostering a genuine connection with the audience. As we continue our partnership with be_u4ic, we remain committed to innovative approaches that resonate with the unique preferences of our target audience.

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