How do Indian Consumers Research Before They Buy a Product? – Ecommerce Survey 2020

Before strategizing for marketing your product which you’re selling online, it is a must that you have an understanding of how Indian users will be researching about your product.

Whether they will be researching on their own in Google or via any other sources or will they be preferring to ask the opinion of any one his/her expert friend.

To help marketers get some data about Indian consumers of the same, we decided to do a survey among Men & Women aged between 20 – 30.

Here is the pie chart that we developed from the data collected:

The Male data shows a small bias towards doing their own research about the product in Google. The Female data shows it’s balanced out: There is a 50-50 chance that they might ask a friend or they do their own research in Google.

Conclusion: A huge share of the consumers tend to do their researching on Google, thus having a strong, positive google quotient is crucial for supporting the sales for your product.

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