How to Sell Tickets for Your Small Event/Seminar Online in 2020


Points to be noted if required:

1. Create a website (Wix) & a brand mandate for your event (Colours, logo, slogan etc..)

2. Use for selling tickets

3. Create social handles & create events

4. Install google analytics & Facebook pixel in your website/landing page

5. Issue an early bird offer

6. Put up ads in display boards in Colleges

7. Find quality local social media influencers & provide an offer for their fans with a coupon code

8. Ask your speakers to put a post on Linkedin

9. Promote the event in your own circle

10. Facebook lead generation in the native language

11. A/B test your ads

12. Give an option for offline payment

13. Give personal discounts for friends

Additional tips: 1) You can create an interesting question around the field of your event and give an anonymous answer to it in an informative manner and leave a link to the conference at the end of your answer.

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