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Celebrating 50 Years of Kelachandra Pipes and Fittings- A Social Media Success Story

Client Overview:

Client Name: Kelachandra Pipes and Fittings  

Industry: Manufacturers of PVC Pipes and Pipe Fittings  

Products/Services: Kelachandra has been a prominent manufacturer of PVC pipes since 1974. Known for superior food-quality materials, their pipes are widely used as conduits for potable water.


The Challenge:

Kelachandra Pipes and Fittings aimed to celebrate their 50th anniversary by expanding their influence across every part of Kerala. The specific challenges were to increase their social media following, particularly on Instagram and Facebook, and to create a compelling campaign to mark their milestone.


The Solution:

Social Media Follower Growth:

1 . Combined Campaign Approach:

Created a comprehensive strategy that combined the celebration of 50 years with a follower growth campaign. This dual approach aimed to maximize engagement and attract a larger audience.

2. ‘Dhe Kelachandra’ Campaign:

Launched the ‘Dhe Kelachandra’ campaign, encouraging followers to spot Kelachandra products around Kerala and share images on social media. This user-generated content helped in building a community around the brand.

3. New Year Giveaway:

Planned and executed a New Year Giveaway as part of the 50th-anniversary celebrations. This not only boosted engagement but also served as an incentive for followers to share and participate in the campaign.


Social Media Metrics:

Celebrating 50 Years of Kelachandra Pipes and Fittings- A Social Media Success Story



The combined ‘Dhe Kelachandra’ and follower growth campaign proved highly successful, achieving significant engagement across Instagram and Facebook. The New Year Giveaway further fueled participation and excitement among the audience.




Kelachandra Pipes and Fittings successfully celebrated their 50-year milestone by leveraging the power of social media. The strategic combination of a brand-centric campaign, user-generated content, and an enticing giveaway not only increased social media metrics but also fostered a sense of community and brand loyalty. This case study exemplifies the effectiveness of integrating celebratory campaigns with follower growth initiatives for a holistic and impactful social media strategy.

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