Nationwide Brands are Riding Blusteak’s #RealPermissions Format

The new hot trend has arrived to the party, which is making the Indian digital advertising spam the format all over Instagram & Twitter.

The idea behind the format was about using android’s dialogue box of asking the user for granting permission for any particular function the app is about to perform; and to convert it into a humorous way of what ‘real’ permissions would a brand will be asking the consumer.

Initial post by the Social Media Agency Blusteak Media:

Social samosa gave the trend a push later:

Brands such as Union bank, Colors, Cello, Epson, Godrej, Lenovo, D2h etc.. got in the trend early.

See the Real Permissions trending page here .

[About the author: Jaison Thomas is an entrepreneur, speaker & writer. He co-founded the digital marketing agency, Blusteak .]

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