How to Get Paid for Making Spotify Playlists? Make Money From Your Playlist

We bet you love listening to Spotify!

What if you could get paid for listening to music? You can. If you have the talent for curating perfect playlists, you can make money from your playlist.

Spotify isn’t going to send you any money, actually. It doesn’t have any such official program yet. There’s another way to turn your passion for music into a side hustle.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to earn money from Spotify playlists. Be ready to turn your playlist curation skills into a lucrative gig.

Let’s dive in.


How to Earn Money from Spotify Playlist

How to earn money from Spotify playlist

Here’s how to turn your Spotify playlist into a source of income:

1. Create unique playlists

If you want to make money from your playlist, you must do something no one else has done. Your playlist needs to be fresh and unique. General playlists like 80s rock and 90s romance won’t bring you boatloads of cash. Your list with favourite random songs won’t cut either.

Not sure how to create a playlist?  Check the video below.

Money-making Spotify playlists have engaging content that appeals to a specific audience. Think about what makes your playlist stand out from the crowd.

For example, here’s what counts as a unique playlist. You collect all awesome tracks for writers to help them focus and get into the mood.

How to Get Paid for Making Spotify Playlists? Make Money From Your Playlist


2. Build a following

Next, you need to build a following for your Spotify playlist. You want people to listen to the playlist and love it.

Building a dedicated audience is the key to monetising your playlist curation skills. The larger the following, the greater your potential for earning money.

What can you do? The usual marketing tricks.

Promote your playlist on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Share snippets of your playlist, or create teaser videos to generate interest. Engage with followers on all platforms by asking for feedback and suggestions.

You can even consider creating a website or blog to showcase your playlist(s).


3. Add sponsored songs

Once your playlist starts getting thousands of daily streams, you have done your work keeping the quality high.

Now, it’s time for you to think about making money out of it. Start looking for sponsorships.

If your playlist reaches a selected audience, you can approach a brand that might want to sell to them. Brands are always on the lookout for opportunities to reach potential customers. And for a fee, you can feature songs or promote brands in the playlist descriptions.

This is a win-win situation! You earn money while providing exposure to exclusive songs. Just make sure to choose only those songs that align with your playlist’s theme.


4. Collab with artists

For further monetisation, you can collaborate with independent artists and add their songs to your playlist. You can charge the artists a fixed rate for reviewing their tracks. You may publish their work only if you like it.

Think about how beneficial it would be for emerging artists if their track was featured in your popular playlist. They’d get more streams, which they won’t get otherwise.

Also, your playlist’s listeners get to hear new tracks. And those inspired by your “exclusive” taste might even share the playlist with others, thus attracting more listeners.

Remember to focus on keeping the quality of your playlist top-notch. Try not to spam it with promotions.


5. Use PlaylistPush

Then, you can sign up for platforms such as PlaylistPush. It’s a great way to discover new music, support up-and-coming talent, and earn extra income.

PlaylistPush helps connect independent artists with playlist curators like yourself. It offers a directory service to list your playlist. Artists visit the site looking for quality playlists to feature. Playlist monetisation is quicker when vibes sync.

So, select records that best suit your playlist and add them. Build the follower base, and you can make money from your Spotify playlist via PlaylistPush.

A few other similar services are Groover and SoundCampaign.


Tips to Make Good Playlists

Now, here are some tips to help you create high-quality playlists:

1. Define a clear theme

Having a clear theme makes a playlist more appealing and cohesive. It helps you attract a specific audience interested in that particular genre, mood or theme. Organizing your tracks in a logical and flowy manner also enhances the listening experience for your audience.

2. Focus on quality curation

Next, consider the flow and order of the songs to create a complete listening experience. Take the time to select and arrange songs that complement each other. A well-curated selection attracts more listeners and chances to make money from your playlist.

3. Maintain consistency

Add new tracks and remove outdated ones regularly to keep your playlist fresh and engaging. It helps build trust and loyalty, increasing the likelihood of Spotify monetisation. You can also experiment with unique combinations of quality songs to surprise and delight your listeners.

4. Promote your playlist

To maximize the monetisation potential of your playlist, promote it effectively. Share it on social media platforms, music forums and relevant online communities. And the most important: engage with everyone and encourage them to share your playlist(s) with friends.

5. Optimize playlists for search

And, of course, optimise your playlist for search to increase discoverability. Add relevant tags and keywords in the playlist’s title and description to improve its visibility in Spotify’s searches. Also, ask listeners to like and save the playlist, increasing its popularity even more.


Wrapping It Up

Now, that’s how easy (or tough) it is to earn money from Spotify playlists. It does take a bit of time and effort to build a following and attract sponsorships. With passion and persistence, you can turn your hobby into a lucrative side gig and make money from your playlist.

So, create, update and promote relentlessly. And make sure to add your email or Instagram username so that brands/artists can actually reach you.


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