How to Find Linkedin Pods? | Linkedin Engagement Podsgroups

I have been an active LinkedIn user for the last two and a half year and I have got immense value out of the platform. It was really hard to get any kind of traction in the initial weeks or months. I couldn’t even get more than 10 engagement for my Linkedin post.

Things are better now because I get more a lot more engagement for my Linkedin posts, but a lot of new LinkedIn users have been messaging me and have been asking me on how to get traction early on.

I had no real answer but to ask them to put out relevant content and to understand the audience, but what I saw was that many people didn’t have the stamina to endure the lack of engagement for the post.

How to Find Linkedin Pods? | Linkedin Engagement Podsgroups

What are Linkedin Engagement pods?

Recently I came to a new term called LinkedIn pods. I did some research and I came to know that there is this thing called and I came to know that there is this thing called LinkedIn engagement pods in which the members are LinkedIn users who share their LinkedIn post links into the group and then other members of the group are going to engage with the post. The group can be a Whatsapp group, Telegram group or any platform that allows you to form a group. and I came to know that there is this thing called

I thought this was a really good thing that I can recommend to new LinkedIn users or to Linkedin users are who are trying to get more engagement or views for their posts. So I did my research to find out where people can find new LinkedIn pots and how to join them. The following is the list of platforms or groups that I found out:

How to Find Linkedin Pods? | Linkedin Engagement Podsgroups

How to Find Linkedin Engagement Pods?

1.Telegram group for Linkedin engagement post: You can click on this link here to check out this Linkedin pod that I found out on Telegram.

2. Leclap chrome extension: This is not just a tool for Linkedin engagement pods, but is used for many other social media pods too.

3. Lempod : A tool exclusively for Linkedin engagement pods. They claim to get you 10x more post views on your Linkedin posts.

4. Alcapod : It is a free chrome extension with no limits on the number of pod members.

If you in such a hurry to join a pod, I have found some codes & links to join pods on the above-mentioned platforms from Reddit (Some may not be active the time you might be visiting):

List of Linkedin Engagement Pods [Free Linkedin Pods]

Here is the list of Alcapod secret codes:

  • Engagement POD – Canada Only: FKsNt8LAgVp8dlgfnnqQ
  • Engagement POD – US only: 2sldj1Jv4eNPtm5rxtHR
  • Engagement POD – South America: wavJzT2eaYTDIHkbUgll
  • Engagement POD – Europe: rueDwkuuaAQHCz42tRJ4
  • Engagement POD – India Only: YEe3GAXzGz15gClblNwY
  • Engagement POD – Middle East: OZ2uPv76VJ8bJLV60ClY
  • Engagement POD – Asia Only: 5saNbq9GcYdTidBcGh2O
  • Engagement POD – Iran Only: 9I8mveCqc54Q7SH1KAcN
  • Engagement POD – Africa Only: K8eOEPLuwf9coGXhge32


To enter an event linkedin engagemnet pod:
Lempod code – 1930 Alcapod code – AeUsgSd77eLj04EkLzY5

Another user posted this pod link & code:

Install link –
pod with this code: 7158

A pod for Entrepreneurs:

Hope this helps! Thanks for reading 🙂

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[About the author: Jaison Thomas is an entrepreneur, speaker & writer. He co-founded the digital marketing agency, Blusteak .]

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