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Got 10k+ reach for a No Tobacco Day video Campaign in just 7 days

It’s the 21st century, and people are still not aware of the consequences of consuming tobacco. On No Tobacco Day, we ran a video campaign for the Kelachandra PVC group educating people on the harmful effects of smoking. The response was extraordinary; our video received 10k+ reach, 1000+ engagements, and 485 shares. 


About the brand

Kelachandra has been in the PVC industry for over 100 years. The brand provides well- recharging systems, water storage, and plumbing solutions to its customers. It’s an ISO-certified company, and the owners have been awarded the best entrepreneurs in the Kottayam district for 2015-16. 


Brand Concerns 

Kelachandra wanted us to handle their Instagram page. They struggled with slow follower growth and saw no community participation or activity on the page. Since people weren’t engaging with their content, they didn’t talk about it on their social media. So, our biggest challenge was to encourage social interaction and community engagement within a budget.


The Ultimate Solution 

We curated a video campaign for Kelchandra PVC on No Tobacco Day with a string of messages on how consuming tobacco is harmful to health. 

So, we thought, why not use the famous and familiar No Tobacco ad (played in film theaters) among people with a twist.

This is the first video shown to the public before any movie stars in India. The ad shows people with burns and boils in their throats from smoking.



So, we took a chance to create a fusion by doing our voiceover on the viral advertisement. 

We were confident that this would be a hit on social media platforms since it’s already quite popular. 

We concluded the video with Kelachandra’s logo and the hashtag #NoTobaccoDay. Our team also ran an engagement ad for a budget of Rs 100 to boost the engagement.

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The final result 

Our efforts finally paid off. 

Within a week of uploading the video, we got 10k+ reach, 1000+ engagements, 485 shares, and 54 profile visits. 

We also gained some followers, which was helpful for the client.

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