XL Pockets


Traditionally, pockets were made for men because they were the ones who went out, and had practical jobs, whereas women had them as decorative objects. But even as times have changed and women have jobs just as functional as men, the pockets remained the same: small!


It looks almost as if we are forced to fit in!

Introducing a limited edition collection

To make your limited appearance in family functions interesting! If you’re too shy to say it to their faces, say it with your pockets!

Your priority should be YOUR life, not MINE!

Pockets that make sure that one aunty stays away from the design of your blouse.

Vishesham aayi… I got a Raise!

To all the aunties asking “Vishesham onnum aayille?”, the perfect reply does exist!

Kalyanam aayittilla, thenks!

You no longer have to waste your energy repeating this a million times, wear these pockets instead!

It’s a biological clock not a countdown timer!

“Do you realize how old you are? At your age, I had 3 kids!” Well good for you! But…

Matchmakers are not invited.

To every relative in every family function whose only life goal is to set you up with someone.

We deserve XL Pockets that fit us in as we are!

XL Pockets
XL Pockets
XL Pockets
XL Pockets
XL Pockets
XL Pockets
XL Pockets

XL Paycheck Pockets

XL Pockets that can finally fit your paychecks

XL Pad Pockets

Because your XL pads deserve full coverage!

XL Pockets, XL Opinions

XL Pockets to bury opinions.

XL Phone storage

XL Pockets to finally free your hands and take your phone with you!

XL Safety Pockets

XL Pockets means extra space for our pepper sprays!

XL Pockets for the lonely!

XL Pockets so that you can put your hands in your pockets instead (of holding hands with someone!)

Pre Order your XL Pockets now.

Stay Tuned!

XL Pockets

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