Reduced Facebook Lead cost by 50%

The client is a leading ayurvedic product manufacturing and sales company. They have tested and proven products for piles and kidney stones.

The main lead generation channel was Facebook (lead form and call ads) lead cost was higher for call and form leads. The normal lead cost was around Rs. 15-20 per lead and the major client requirement was to reduce the cost consistently

Video Explanation

The current running ads were focusing on carousel ads with multiple customer pain points specified. After auditing the ad account and running multiple sets of test ads with different types of audiences and content we understood that the problem was with ad copy and ad content and it was presented.

After testing out multiple content sets we have understood that our target audience responds well with video ads instead of a single image and carousel ads. Adding a voice-over to the video showed a huge hike in customer engagement and we were able to reduce the lead cost by 50%. People started to respond more to video ads with voice over. We have also tried dynamic ads strategy too with the creatives we already used previously as carousel and single image ads and now it shows a huge response rate and it had an impact in reducing the cost per lead rate by 50%.

How to reduce cost per lead on Facebook Ads

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